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Legacy that today is the source of our survival and our identity, the identity of Iran and Iranians allegedly remnants of the past is pride and honor. If the value and richness of our cultural heritage in the world today is high and the world has attracted particular attention, love and mania induced by high and rising Iranian and cultural creators in the fascination virtuosa hope the shelf. 

Indeed, all the honor and reputation of the cultural heritage and the preservation of monuments and archaeological objects and sites of historical, traditional arts and encourage artists from different disciplines, providing the necessary facilities to advance and promote traditional arts, to assist in cultural heritage, holding experts and researchers galleries and museums and to provide the necessary facilities for research in the field of anthropology and cultural heritage, public transport and general concepts are introduced in an unknown cultural heritage, participation, cooperation and compassion calls for responsible people of the same variety, cultural and the extend of richness memorials province-wide cultural spectrum that constitutes the rule of an administration headed out. Therefore, familiarity with the cultural values ​​and the need and importance of maintaining their sincere cooperation necessitates that all segments of society.

Historical summary of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism 
According to the distribution centers and office activities related to cultural heritage and lack of coordination between the government of the Islamic Republic and bring order to the chaotic situation analysis, identification, registration and protection of historical and cultural value of movable and immovable Date 10/11 / 64 the cultural heritage of the integrated units of Archaeology, Department of Traditional Arts Center and Museum Anthropology, Office of monuments, museums, ancient Iran, managed to preserve the cultural heritage of cities, museums Administration, Office of Protected monuments and buildings Historically, the Department of palaces, monuments and protected National Administration Building (Golestan Palace) has been approved by parliament opened. 
Followed by the Province Administration of Cultural Heritage in 1365 I began to work independently. Dated 14.11.82 and approved by the Assembly in the integration of cultural heritage and international tourism organizations, tourism and cultural heritage organizations were formed and subsequently the second half of 1384, the organization has launched in the province since Integration of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of East Azarbaijan and the recording and preservation of cultural heritage tourism development in the new organization of peaceful coexistence with the comprehensive plan to assess the capacities and capabilities of the tourism sector in the coordination and cooperation of the considerable legacy of culture is desired. 
And the organization of tourism development, based on policies and strategy towards attracting public and private sector seriously and act on their agenda is and now as a strong bridge between the public and private sectors play The Organization shall function and long-term programs in the field of tourism and is trying to draw the plans will be achieved. because the realization of this program, the State will serve the cause and magnitude. 

The plan for the development of tourism activities in Iran during the fifties Hijri dates. The efforts of the Tourism Master Plan was initiated by the Swiss company Knsvlt tourists. The program was prepared according to the policies of the political system time to develop a tourism hub in the Caspian shore based recreational functions, cultural functions - entertainment revolving around the cities of Shiraz and Isfahan and the religious tourism has been revolving around the holy city of Mashhad. After the Islamic revolution in the early seventies again exploit tourism interests, especially economic interests in the proposed state and thus prepared the master plan for tourism development in 77 countries in Tourism & Touring Organization raised, and the international experts For purposes of international aid, UN Office for Regional Development (UNDP) and the World Tourism Organization (WTO), national planning document developed by the Department of Tourism organization (ITTO) was exchanged with the organization.

The Administrative Supreme Council dated 16.1.1385 to strengthen and develop the craft and creating harmony with the policy of tourism development, the craft with all the duties, powers, legal responsibilities, assets, liabilities, funds, facilities and staffing of the Ministry of Mines and the integration of abstraction and Cultural Heritage and Tourism